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BerryBear is proud to be Singapore's first learning tower supplier.

When our co-founder Eileen had her first child, learning towers were not yet available in Singapore. Like many moms, she had to prepare meals in the kitchen while ensuring her toddler was safe, often dealing with a whiny child at her feet.

This daily challenge sparked an idea! Eileen researched how to DIY a learning tower using a stool and created her first makeshift version. However, it wasn't perfect and had its limitations.

Determined to create something better for all moms in Singapore, she teamed up with our co-founder Chloe, and BerryBear was born!

The Janus and Aria towers are designed specifically for Singapore's kitchens. We tested numerous learning tower samples, refining the dimensions and design repeatedly, and experimented with different materials. It was a tedious journey, but we enjoyed it!

  • BerryBear towers are crafted from solid wood, ensuring sturdiness and durability.
  • BerryBear towers feature non-toxic lacquer and paint coatings.

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