Are you Team Aria or Team Janus?

Is your child getting curious with what you are doing on the kitchen countertop? Is your child firm on both feet? If he/she is, it’s time to invest in a learning tower! But wait, Aria Foldable VS Janus, which tower is a better choice for you? We put together this post to present to you the pros and cons of different towers to help you make better decision.

When it comes to learning tower, not only are there several designs to choose from, but several types of materials as well. At BerryBear, we pride ourselves in the durability, aesthetics and sustainability of our solid wood learning tower. Both Aria & Janus are made with 100% Solid wood.

Here is Aria & Janus specification in snap shot:

Which tower is suitable for small kitchen?

Both Aria and Janus are designed with Singapore kitchen size in mind. As such, both suits typical Singapore size kitchen. Aria gives family an option to fold it away when not in used which is suitable for houses with concerns over kitchen space.

Is foldable learning tower sturdy?

Safety is our utmost concern. The addition of a learning tower being foldable doesn’t compromise any level of safety or sturdiness whatsoever. Both Aria & Janus are sturdy. However, if we have to make a comparison between Janus and Aria, Janus (without any moving parts) definitely has an upper hand.

Can 2 kids fit the tower?

Aria Foldable has a slightly smaller platform and it does make a difference to the space available for 2 children. Left 2 photos shows 2 children on Aria Foldable, 12 months old and 3-year-old. With the safety rod in placed, it was a little challenging for 2nd child to climb up Aria Foldable after 1st child is on the tower. However, both young toddlers could share the space and use the tower together (just a little cosy). Right photo shows how the Aria Foldable fits 3-year-old and 5-year-old. We would feel it gets a little too cosy and we would recommend just one child at a time (when it get too cosy, they may start pushing which isn’t too safe)

Aria Foldable Use

Janus with a slightly bigger platform allows 2 kids to engage on the countertop more comfortably. Even with 1 child already on the learning tower, it isn’t difficult for 2nd Child to climb up.

Janus Learning Use

Adjusting between heights

Both Aria Foldable and Janus platform can be adjusted with an allen key. Janus has a slight advantage due to the design of the groove. Family with more than 1 child can choose not to secure their platform with the screw. This allows parents to slide the platform out to change the height without the use of allen key. Parents would then be able to adjust the platform freely depending on who is using the learning tower.

Is my child able to push the learning tower?

Yes for Janus, not recommended for Aria Foldable. Janus is heavier at 9.5kg but young kids could still push them around the kitchen. Do cart out a glider to protect your floor if you intend to let your child push the tower around. We do not recommend pushing Aria Foldable around because it might fold up and fall onto the kids.

Promoting independence

Promoting independence The learning tower is an item greatly recommended by the Montessori method of education, because it supports the child’s instinct to do things independently. Learning tower are recommended to be always available in the kitchen to allow the child to climb in and out of the tower by themselves to help you out at the countertop. A little point to note is “out of sight out of mind”, if it is always folded away, you might just forget to take it out for them to use.