Are learning towers safe?
Learning towers are safe when used under adult supervision and your child can stand steadily. We insist on arms-length supervision at all times when the tower is in use as children are unpredictable and may misuse it.


What wood do you use?
We use Rubber wood. Rubber wood is a type of solid wood that belongs to the maple family. It is commonly used for indoor furniture due to its strength and resistance to fungus, bacteria and mould.


How do I care for my learning tower?

To clean, wipe your learning tower with a damp cloth. If excessive water gets on your learning tower, wipe off with a dry clean cloth. Do note use window cleaner or cleaning abrasive or harsh chemical on the learning tower as it will scratch the surface and could damage the protective coating. 


What are the dimensions of Janus learning tower?
Height: 85 cm
Platform: 33cm X 40cm.
Base: 43cm X 44cm


Do your products come with a warranty?
BerryBear offers a 6-months warranty on our learning tower from the date of delivery. The warranty covers all manufacturing faults or defects. However, it does not cover wear, tear and damages caused by use and accidents.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at berrybearsg@gmail.com with your order number, name of the product and the issue. BerryBear will be happy to replace your item. Refunds will be given depending on circumstances. Do note that, we will not accept returns after 30 days of the purchase or on items that have been used.


Do your learning towers come assembled?
No, to ensure we can offer you the most competitive prices, our products are designed to be easy to assemble on your own. All necessary tools will be provided. Kindly refer to our "How to Build" page to find out more.

However, if you need a hand, we provide assembly services at your place with an additional $35 service fee. Please drop us an email if you require our help.


What is the recommended age for a child to start using the learning tower?
A child becomes steady on his feet at 18 months and is ready to use the learning tower as a guide-craft at this age. Some parents may choose to use the learning tower as early as 12 months. However, close supervision is strongly encouraged as children are less predictable at a younger age.


What age will a child stop using the learning tower?
At around 5 years old, the child will no longer need the learning tower as a safe stepping stool to help reach the counter top.


How much weight can the learning tower take?
The Janus learning tower’s standing platform can hold up to 80kg.


Where is the product manufactured? What safety standards does this product hold?

We manufacture our products in Malaysia to allow us to closely monitor product quality and quick delivery. Products are manufactured according to CE standards for toy and furniture safety by our baby specialist manufacturer.


Is the paint coating safe for children?
BerryBear learning towers conforms with the European Standard EN71 Part 3:2019, Section 8.