About Us

BerryBear is born with a genuine desire to help parents raise their child up to the tabletop to be involved with the action in the kitchen, at the same time not having to worry about their balance.

BerryBear Story

We are familiar with the sight of parents struggling to prepare a meal for the family while having the little ones hug their legs whining for attention. There are endless household chores to be done but children are only young once. Instead of shutting them out, why not get them involved and let them explore and help.

BerryBear Story Mother and Child

By allowing the child to be involved, it nurtures a child's innate desire to be independent and to participate alongside us whether is it to help out with meal preparations, bake or get crafty. For children, the world is a magical and curious place. They learn by mirroring the parents with the hope to be able to eventually "do it myself.” We believe in building a safe environment that enables children to learn, grow and enjoy being an active member of the family.