What is a Learning Tower?

 Berrybear Learning Tower White in Singapore kitchen

Montessori Learning Tower. Montessori Kitchen Helper. Toddler Tower.

There are many names to this furniture but the common theme is that it is a piece of furniture that allows your child to stand higher, so they can safely reach a kitchen counter or the kitchen sink.

Learning Towers are popular among the Montessori community who believes in building an environment that is safe for the child to explore freely. The objective is to create natural opportunities for independence, to allow the child to follow their own curiosity and creating opportunities for them to learn and explore. Read more about the benefits of a learning tower here.

“Let me do it!”

You’ve probably already noticed that your child is starting to imitate you and their determination to start doing things independently. It is not your job to make them independent, but rather to provide a secure environment that allows them to become an independent child. That’s where a Montessori learning tower could be of great help. 

Singaporean child washing dish on learning tower Singaporean child washing dish on learning tower together

Montessori learning tower provides a safe space for the child to explore and be involved in all sorts of home activities, like cooking, personal hygiene, or cleaning on the kitchen counter. We started using our learning tower when our sons were steady on their feet at 12 months. Of course, you could use a standard dinning chair, but height is never right. In addition, without the added bars like a learning tower, we are always tense up and prepared to catch our child if they fall. With a learning tower, it not only provided them with more comfort but also allowed us to step back a little, giving them space to learn on their own.  Read more on tips to cook with your kids here